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Impressum and Copyrights


General information

These published pages are free of any religious or political background and just follow one main ideally reason. Both authors want to supply information for motorbike travellers in the European Alpine regions required for a save journey and encourage new travellers to take a trip without purchasing an out of the box pre planned tour from a touring company. following a crowd through the Alps. All published information is based on the experience of Dietrich and Corinna. Dietrich is travelling through the Alps now since more than 30 years. Both authors do not warrant for the correctiveness and accuracy of the supplied information.


This website is not following any commercial reason and is pure private. It is free of advertisings and we kindly ask all hotels and travel agents to refrain from contacting us for advertising. We only recommend places, which we use ourselves since many years or have been recommended from at least ten other motorbike travellers. Names, products and companies named on our pages could be trademarked.


Legal advise

Based on a judgement of the district court Hamburg dated 1998-05-12 the website owner might be liable for the content of a linked website he has set on his pages, if he does not clearly dissociate from the content of that linked page. We herewith state, that we will not take any responsibility or liablility on any link we have set on our web pages and that we cannot influence the content of the linked pages. This disclaimer is valid for all linked pages and the content of these pages.



All maps published on our website have been drawn and produced by ourselves. A copy in any medium is only allowed for private websites that do not follow any commercial purpose. For commercial purposes the approval of the authors is required.


Map copies and roadbook pdf files in our touring tips section have been produced using the Marco Polo mapping software tool with the kind approval of MarcoPolo GmbH Karlsruhe, department - Business Development Consumer Products. (written approval 2. March 2001).


All panoramic pictures published on our sides have been produced with the software package from Pixmaker from Pixaround. Publishing on our private domain is based on the licence reference number 00015089. A copy of the panoramic picture files and publishing outside this domain may violate licence rights of the software company. The authors don’t take any responsibility or liability based on the licence right.


On some of the pages or in some pictures we use Hemera Photo Objects which are trademarked by Hemera Technologies Inc. Those objects are property of Hemera Technologies Inc. and are copyrighted. Any reproduction in whole or in part is strictly prohibited. The objects are only licensed for the use on this website for viewing purposes only.


Some pictures in the section Unique Places are not owned by the authors. These pictures are labeled with “Copyright by: Schweiz Tourismus By-Line:”. We would like to give special thanks to the tourist office “Graubünden Ferien” in Chur that has supplied the photos and given the right to publish on our website.


Dietrich & Corinna

D-76593 Gernsbach - Northern Black Forest