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February 16th 2013






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Motorbike touring in the European Alps,

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Dear motorbike touring friend,
what you find here is the translation in process of the German domain Alpentourer.de from Dietrich and Corinna, who travel through the European Alps since over 25 years. Born near the Lake of Constance, the triangle between Germany, Austria and Switzerland, we document our travel experience now since several years on the internet to avoid the classical tourist trap for foreign travelers. If you ask people outside Germany what they know about the European Alps regions, they normally tell you - Matterhorn, Top of Europe, Sankt Moritz and maybe Davos. But that’s not the European Alps.

Didi and Inna at Bernina pass summitThe European Alps are hostels on 5.900ft. which you can reach by motorbike on outstanding roads, where you meet the local Swiss farmer in the evening at a beer, where you can look into a real alpine dairy without a tourist group and eat the local specialities at normal rates. The European Alps have places you never have dreamed about and we would like to explore this for you, especially when you travel on a motorbike.

Since we received more and more E-Mails from all over the world asking us, why we have deleted the former English pages, we are now again in process to translate the whole internet site, which will take some time for sure. We had to delete the English portion, because of a traffic limit of our former provider and the traffic from outside Europe had just exploded.

We have fixed this issue now and will translate over the time all relevant important information on our website into English language. Nevertheless, all guesthouses and hostels we reference do speak English and there is no language barrier if you go there. They hosted already guests from the UK, Scottland the USA, Scandianvia and Japan.

Since last year Corinna is now riding a Goldwing GL1800 sidecar, because Gavin became our third passenger. You can grab an impression from that battleship Galactica on our front page, while I’m riding it in the Balck Forest for testing. Gavin by the way is an American Tricolor Collie male dog and is traveling besides Corinnas special luggages (special means lots of it) in the sidecar. We also do extend our trips all over Europe, especially to Ireland, Scotland and Skandinavia. Its lots of fun and helps to recover from daily work. If you are non comercial and would like to know some inside information, feel free to contact us. We do answer every nice written e-mail as our time does allow it.

With best regards and take care when traveling the European Alps.
Dietrich & Corinna