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Alpine Passes and Motorbike Touring

alpine passesSince 1996 we document Alpine passes in Switzerland, Italy, Austria and France during our motorbike tours. The documentation includes background information, places to go, self rotating panoramic photos and travel details. We have also identified the most important local touristic links of that region and the real places to stay overnight.

With detailed high resolution local map to print out

Photos of the complete pass road and a panoramic picture of the pass summit.

Detailed description of road condition and details

Links to local tourist sites for more information

GPS coordinates of the most important photograph locations

Which Alpine pass is in which condition? This information is available through the Touringclub Switzerland.

Navigation in the European Alps

GPS and navigationAll about navigation in the European Alps when you travel by motorbike. Details about the different navigation options like road maps, roadbooks  and GPS systems. We also explain GPS navigation basics for newcommers and show some expert details for the professional GPS user with lots of experience in alpine motorbike travel.

GPS mapping software, quality and usability

What is the price range for GPS?

Sources for road maps and mapping software on the internet

Free of charge software download for Garmin GPS systems

We explain how GPS systems operate in the European Alps

How to install a GPS system on the motorbike

Purchasing a GPS. Which system is useful and where to buy best

Trends and developments in the GPS market

Unique Places to go

unique places in the AlpsFrom Bregenzerwald to Tyrol, the Dolomiti mountains, South Tyrol, East Switzerland, Central Switzerland, Wallis county down to the Savoy Alps. We have checked out the best unique places you should visit. Additional background information about hostels, guesthouses and the real local places to stay overnight with the best local food specialities served.

The real places to stay overnight and regional background information

Cable cars and motorbike train pickup

The most beautiful vallies and travel goals

the real good internet links to the regions

Unique hidden places you should not miss

We add on permanent new pages, which we have already visited

Motorbike Tours Photo Gallery

picture galleryThe most beautiful picture gallery on the web about motorbike touring in the European Alps. All pictures were taken digital and also digitally processed. A download and usage of the photos for private reasons is possible after registration All photos include descriptions about the place where the picture was taken and can be viewed in enhanced mode.

All pictures can be viewed in enhanced mode

Documentation sorted by Alps regions

Download after registration

Comments can be added and pictures can be send as picture postcard

Easy search function with keywords

The collection is still growing

Touring Plans and Roadbooks

tour plans and roadbooksWe have documented in this section classical motorbike tours in the European Alps, which we have made over the past years several times. The tours can be downloaded as -map or roadbook in pdf-format (German language with pictograms, easy to read), produced with Marco Polo mapping software. Special thanks to Map & Guide in Karlsruhe for the approval to do so.

Roadbooks and touring maps as PDF-file download

We started the touring collection in 2001 and permanently add new tours

With approval of Map&Guide GmbH in Karlsruhe.

More touring plans on the new CD-ROM published by Marco Polo

We recommend mapping software from Marco Polo

Motorbike Tours Travelogues

traveloguesOur travelogues describe motorbike tours we made during the last years in the European Alps region. The reports include lots of links to the local regions and recommendations. We usually do not travel the classic tourist routes and dive more into the local culture. The reports should be a motivation for new travellers in the Alps.

Tours with overnights and tips beside the normal routes

Photodocumentation, maps and ressources

Tips out of the local regions

Where to stay in motorbike traveller friendly gotels

Motorbike Travel Accessories

accessoriesTecnical accessories for the motorbike, that make travel in the Alps more comfortable or support the journey. We report about our private small projects about useful things you cannot buy on the market but build yourself.

Motorbike regulated grip heating

Chain lubrication different than Scottoiler

Boardcomputer (bicycle speedometers) used on the motorbike

GPS systems installed on the motorbike with lots of tips

Camcorder installation on the motorbike and shooting during ride

Weather & Webcams in the Alps

weather and webcamsThe weather conditions in the European Alps are very tricky and it’s important to understand the right signs in time. A good preparation and information collection before you start a motorbike tour in these regions is more than important. We have put togtehr the most important sources and webcam links.

The best weather links to the regions

Weather webcams

Topin, with  Live Webcams.

Swissmeteo with hourly updated weather radar map

The German Wetterdienst with important forecasts for the Alps

Additional webcamlinks to local regions